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Making of Conquerors, A Pike's Reach Tale

[Follow tiny lesbian disaster Ezo, who upon being forced off to finishing school ends up reuniting with her (super attractive) childhood friend, and entangled with a loud mouthed idiot who drags her into the mysterious world of Maaji.]


I hope you enjoy this short wlw (lesbian) story of school, friendship, and a little bit of magic. (Game play is approx. 1 hour.)

Content Advisory: Some minor screen shaking and flashing lights, swearing, fantasy violence. Recommended 13 and older.


Art + Story : Mabs

Soundtrack on SoundCloud and YouTube

Sounds from Freesound.org and kirakira-soundeffect.com

Making of Conquerors is a prequel of sorts to a webcomic called Pike's Reach. You can read it on Tapas or Webtoon, but the game can be played without reading the comic!

If you like what I do and want more action stories about girls who like girls, consider joining my Patron or making a small donation to my Ko-Fi! Thanks so much!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, free, Lesbian, LGBT, Ren'Py, Romance, school, Yuri


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Episode 3: Visual Novels


Thanks so much for talking about MoC! I was really flattered to be featured on the same episode as a game like One Night Hot Springs. 

I was surprised by your interpretations on the story, but am glad you enjoyed the game! Definitely hoping to commission someone to do the music for the next one, haha.
Also the main characters of MoC are the younger versions of the antagonists in my webcomic, so definitely important~

Thanks again for taking the time and best of luck with your podcast! I'll definitely have to listen to more when I have the chance.

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I just finished the game. I really enjoyed it.

 I love the artstyle. Everything looks good. Sprites are great and full of details. I like UI. Different types of textboxes for different types of content was good idea, too. Seriously, it's the best looking indie game I've seen... this month. 

I love how cold and "liveless" Ezo is. <3 She so cool! No, She's ice cold xD.  She seems to be mean and hate people but actally she's only prefer to avoid unnecessary socialasing. 

There is only one big excetption to this rule - her childhood friend Mekelle - cute and attractive daughter of General. She is also  strong and knows how to fight! And she has army!

She is the only one person Ezo is nice to. And Ezo secretly has crash on her. They are my favourites of all colorful and interesting characters. I'd love to see them as couple ♥

I'm definitely waiting for more

edit: I'm defenitely gonna read Pike's Reach :)

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write such a nice and long review! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game and the characters especially! You definitely got Ezo spot on! She generally doesn't like excessive socializing but that doesn't mean that she hates everyone. There's more romance to come in the next game!!

And please enjoy Pike's Reach! It's set 15 or so years following this game, so a lot has happened in that time

Thanks for making such a super fun and super gay game! The art and the colors were just pure eye candy. The dynamic among the characters made me snort in laughter and go awww at several points. 

Ezo as a protagonist is so precious -- I've always preferred poker-faced and snarky narrators. But my favorite character is probably Bellevue. From the first moment I saw him, I was like oooh he's so cute, too bad Ezo is only interested in women. After learning a bit about his backstory, I love Bellevue even more, and I wish there was more of him in the game. <3 But I love all the other characters! I can't be the only one wishing that Nue is romanceable, right? She's so spicy and awesome!!!

I kinda wish that there was a little more interactivity, but since this is a prequel (enjoyed that framing device in the beginning BTW -- it's a nice little window to a clearly more complex and fleshed-out world), I guess I can see why the story has to stay linear. Even so, I really enjoyed this great WLW fantasy story. <3 10/10, would recommend!

Oh gosh, you're the person who commented on the Lemma Soft Forums, right? Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment here too! It absolutely made my day ;A; <3

I'm really glad you enjoyed Ezo! I've always found it easy to connect with her "done" attitude, so she's very easy for me to write.  It's great to know that other people enjoy that as well!

The next game is only just beginning to get scripted, but expect a LOT more Nue and some more Bellevue as well.  Despite my original intentions, I didn't quite get to Nue's story in this game, so I'm really looking forward to her role in the next one.  Bellevue, on the other hand, started off as just a minor character (Mekelle needed a best friend), but the more I wrote him, the more I fell in love and his story just kinda took off on its own, haha. There will definitely be more of him in future games!!

I personally prefer linear stories, since I don't have much time and like to be able to finish a game in one playthrough. But we'll see what I can do for the next one! I really want to make an inventory, haha.

And YES! MoC is a sequel of sorts to a webcomic of mine called Pike's Reach.  You can read it on Tapas or Webtoon!

Sorry for the wall of text but thank you again for playing and I hope you have a great day!! <3

This was really fun ! The three have real chemistry together and I really want to learn more about the backstory of some of the other characters. Definitely amped up for future releases


I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback! <3 <3
The goal is to eventually make a trilogy, one game for each of them!  For now though, if you're interested in more content, MoC is a sequel of sorts to a webcomic of mine called Pike's Reach.  You can read it on Tapas or Webtoon!

Loved the backgrounds, atmosphere and magical elements of this story! Such a nice addition to the world of Pike's Reach! Can't wait for the next one bud.

Thanks so much for playing and reviewing!!
It was really fun to start to introduce everyone to the world behind PR! Hopefully I can do a lot more in the next one~